What will happen to my Facebook after I die?

I was browsing through Facebook, and somehow I ended up clicking on my late friend’s page. She passed away last year and she was only 20. She still gets hundreds of posts not only on her Facebook wall, but also on her blog and other page also. And the funny thing is, I am among of them who keep posting on her wall. The increasing speed of communication via the Internet has become something of a clichĂ©. But in this instance, I witnessed how Facebook played such an active role as a structure for rapid communication.

Personally, it's really nice to write something on her wall, even if she isn't there. She went really suddenly, and I didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye and then occasionally something will happen that reminds me of her. And it's just nice to read her profile and remember her. I find the Facebook wall to be something of a voyeuristic experience. In this case, there may be comfort found by sharing the grieving with others in her community of friends. After she passed away, a lot of the comments had a slight tone of sadness, showing how they missed her, and a sense of soft, saying that “she will be missed".

Maybe one day, everyone will just stop posting but even though it may sound morbid, I was wondering what will happen to her Facebook. I think it would be such a pity if it disappeared because so many people have commented and I was also wondering about her. I still put her at the top of my MySpace top friends. And I still have her YM and MSN in my contact list. And I don't want to remove her yet. I can't remove her from my friend’s lists. I just can’t. It just seems awful. I think we're all still in the stage where we will mention her and be in a shock again. It's so weird to think she's not here and it stuns you every time.

I guess I don't find it so strange to have people posting comments to the site of someone who are deceased. I’m wondering what will happen to my Facebook after I die. Honestly? I want my Facebook to keep on active even when I died. And I would love to have people writing on my wall saying how much they missed me.

I still tagged her sometimes.
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  1. maja ade mention kat aku kot about this friend. although aku xde kawan yang dah meninggal, but i guess i know how it feels.

  2. erk.. sudah menghadap mungkar nangkir pun masih memikirkan perkara itu?

    ini semua dunia sayang... dunia.. fb adalah salah 1 mainan yahudi.. byk lg benda lg penting kita perlu fikir..

  3. @ariff rasa sangat, tak boleh nak bayangkan.

    @azfarul haha cuma memikirkan apa yang bakal terjadi je

  4. weh, serious rasa cam nak menangis aje bila tengok wall beliau (image tersebut)

    i have a schoolmate that has die,
    he have a friendster,
    people kept sending him comment for the first 3 month,
    then they stopped the act.
    and move on.

    diorang guilty ke kalau move on?

  5. i don't know maybe someday people gonna face the fact the life must go on and they need to move on. when we moved on, doesn't mean that we are forgetting him/her.

  6. mainan yahudi pun, byk event berkaitan dengan Islam kat tempat aku posted kat dlm facebook.

    how it would be if it happened during your birthday. it turned me down when i got wake up from sleep before celebrating raya kat embassy msia.

    i thought it was a dream - i refresh the page so many times to make sure it isnt her.


  7. i was stunned when i heard the news. people were calling for confirmation but i cant even speak. i just cried

  8. ouh. I understand how you feel. I had a friend who died just couple of weeks before her 16th birthday. My friends were all stunned. up until now, I can never remove her contact from my phone.

  9. losing people that we care is really hard. i know.


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