What A Leggings Disaster Looks Like

The skinny jean was only just the beginning, the warm-up act for what the designers and the glossy magazine editors really had in mind. Yes, leggings are back. And there really is no point fighting it. Oh yes the black thing that I always wear to class, we call it skinny jeans. Not leggings.

Don't get me wrong. I do love leggings, I own one (or maybe three) but there’s a thing about leggings that makes my eyes hurt.

Before you hit the mall and buy your own leggings, you have to understand that leggings do not take the place of pants. Leggings are more of an accessory that accents an outfit, but doesn’t complete it.

Do not wear your leggings as if they were a pair of trousers. On no account expose your bottom, or the gap between your mid-thighs. Well leggings go with honestly any long top, shorts, or skirt. Your shirt, whether it's a tunic or other A-line top, should fall past your rear, not stop at the waist. This is especially important if your leggings fall on the thin side. You don't want to look like you left the house in only a shirt and tights. So please, please wear your leggings with something that is long enough to cover your hips.

Do not wear a tight shirt with leggings because leggings are so fitted, unless you are an aerobics instructor. Otherwise, this is a look better suited for the gym instead of the street. It’s best to steer clear of tight shirts for the best look. These items work better when your overall outfit is balanced, pairing roomy with fitted.

Sometimes when I saw people wearing leggings with a very short top, I will slap my forehead in despair. I feel like covering their butt with beach towel or something. Yes I don’t know them, but I still can’t let them do this. It’s a crime against my eyes.

Be frank to yourself, if the dress does not suit you, put it off immediately. And yes, don’t wear your leggings with Crocs unless you’re in the medical profession or under the age of 10. Wear flats instead!

Really, do I need to tell you all of this?

She needs to employ a stylist on a daily basis,
and not just for the red carpet.

She looks adorable. I’m loving her style lately.


  1. Gmbr yg last tu korean classmate aku kdng2 pakai. skirt & leging. kiut.

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  3. gad ade skinny jeans. ni termasuk sekali? haha

  4. lol skinny jenas ngn legging lain. tak pe gad pakai skinny jeans nmpak stylo =P


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