Tears For Rodanthe

Nights In Rodanthe.

I love the movie and the song. I cried. It was THAT good.

I am not ashamed to say I could cry in a movie. It doesn't make me less of a girl. The movie is awesome, but I have to say the book is always better. If you like the book, you will like the movie and the other way round. I have not cried so much in a movie before this one. But it was excellent and I would probably watch it a hundred times more.

But I advise you to wait until a particularly PMS-y weekend and watch it under the dark cover of night. Do not read the book or watch the movie in public. Please also get ready with a box of tissues because Nights in Rodanthe is a tear jerker. It made me cry so much toward the middle and the end of the story.

If you've seen of Sparks' other works (A Walk to Remember, The Notebook), you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Damn it all, Nicholas Sparks!

I just added my favorite song from the movie at “Currently Listening To” above.

Check it out!

*blowing nose*



  1. aku suka novel itu!
    baca novel pun menangis..tak mau ah tgk movie.

  2. tu la dia aku menangis berhingus2 oh


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