Sunburst KL09

So I went to Sunburst last Saturday. Honestly, it was freaking awesome. I was not expecting anything much from this event, but oh dear it was such a blast. Thank god I didn’t give up on my tickets or sell it.

When I was about to enter the main entrance, the guy there didn’t allow me to bring in my SLR. Damn I was so frustrated. But thanks to my friends Fairuz and Mus from The Otherside Orchestra, I managed to illegally smuggle my SLR inside.

Thanks to Dhiya Izwin from The Otherside Orchestra for dedicating a song to me. Love you! I thought you were joking about shouting my name on the stage. Haha!

I don’t really listened to NERD before, but their live performance and their energy on the stage really caught my attention. And Nidji was oh so fabulous. I was standing in front of the freaking stage for most of the live performance except Korn. People were so damn crazy to see Korn on the stage I was almost die in middle of the crowd. I then gave up and left the crowd. And there was a bunch of moron who threw their beers at the crowd, and splashed on my SLR. Damn I was so mad, I lost my sanity. I shoved them my middle finger right to their faces and shouted “FUCK YOU!!!” as loud as I can. I almost threw myself into a fight but my brother pulled my out from the crowd.

Haha. Man I was that crazy. Hey don’t mess with me and my SLR. I can be so bitchy and so crazy sometimes.

So below are some of my photos. You can visit my Facebook and Flickr for more photos. I was super excited when I received an email from kornunderground, asking for my permission to use some of my photos for their website. I already sent the photos to them and I hope they are going to love it!


Me and friends.


The Otherside Orchestra.






  1. sunburst was AWESOME kan?
    i went too!

  2. yes sangat best!!!! macam worth it gila la bayar tiket!

  3. :(
    aku start dengar NERD last year. bes ok.
    aku hanye mampu lihat sunburst di youtube saje. gahh

  4. kesian gad. aku tau hati ko mesti tgh berderai kekecewaan.

  5. T_T

    x dpt pergi...

    wait, N.E.R.D? bkn ke diorg xde permit wat show kt msia? how the..


  7. @gad haha ala tgk youtube free. at least ko tak perlu keluarkan duet

    @azfarul haha even korn pon septutnya tak boleh perform

  8. Plus, i got sunburn. haha. pedih woo.

  9. ade estrella?ahh..cun nye..rugi2..hahaa


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