Bad Balloons. Very-Very Bad.

Well maybe today was not a lucky day for me. I did go to the Hot Air Balloons Carnival at Putrajaya, at 11am-ish. But when I arrived there, there was no signs of balloons floating on the air. I saw a bunch of men carrying their super large SLR’s talking to a man in uniform. So I went there to join them.

“ Sorry yer adik, belon ni tak naik masa tengah hari, sebab panas”

“ Er, tapi saya tengok dalam movie Jackie Chan tu ok je belon tu pusing-pusing dunia 24/7”

* bunyi cengkerik *

“Kalau adik nak naik, datang esok pagi. Dalam pukol 8am yer. Jangan lambat”

So that was it. I need to come back there tomorrow morning if I want to see the balloon. We will see tomorrow whether I can make it or not. I have Sunburst but I think I can squeeze in a hot balloon ride in the morning.

But oh well, yes I didn't get to ride the hot air balloon but at least I get some awesome colorful outdoor picture!

When I was eating at mamak place with my friend Nadia around 7.oopm, I saw a balloons on the air from my seat!

I was so amazed and excited I went "ooooohhh" and "aaaaaaaaaah" with my mouth wide opened. I swear Nadia was freaking embarrassed of me.


Too bad I didn't bring my SLR (fuck! fuck! fuck!).
But thank god there is a greatest creation made by human being called cell phone. So, I took out my Sony-Ericsson from my handbag, and took a photo of it. And I screamed "yeaaaaay" and people were staring at me.

Again, I swear to god that Nadia was freaking embarrassed of me.

So here is the photo.


Well, I've tried my best. Haha!


  1. haha i lagi la sakit hati! tapi kan masa i minum petang kat cyber i nmpak the balloons on air. omg cantik! da la ada pelangi

  2. alorrrrr, kite menanti gamba dr awak okaaay! :(

  3. kan aku ckp.. baek g smayang jumaat..

  4. haha i pun nampak balloon skali ngan pelangi!
    btw ur nice photos there! :)

  5. haha aku rasa mmg tak de la gmbar belon. aku tak larat nak g sana balik esok. ni baru balik dari sunburst

    thanks kim!!

  6. haha tak de oh. sorry sangat. i balik sunburst terus demam

  7. usha link ni kalau nak tgk belon


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