Ugly Tight Shirts

I was in my class this evening, paying my full attention to the lecturer in front of the class explaining about the tutorial questions. And then, one of my Iranian classmate went in. Well I’m not quite sure whether he is Iranian or Arabian actually. He then sat down in front of me. My oh my. I can hear his body screaming, dying to get out from his shirt. It was way too small and too short, I can see his butt crack. Ahhh, nice view dude!

Like seriously, are you kidding me? I have to watch women’s butt crack, and now you want me to add men’s butt crack in my list? Plus, can you even breathe in it?

Just so you know, a perfect fit shirt is really hot. Where normal shirts that shows off your build, you will look so sexy. Just try to make it not too baggy, not too tight. Wearing a baggy shirt would make people think that you are trying to hide your flab. Well except if you are Eminem.

Tight shirts make men look like they are too into their muscle which in turn makes them look more homosexual. Muscular does not automatically make you manly. Is not the muscle that will make a man look manly, is the attitude, and well, yes, some designs and color can also affect.

Honestly, tight shirts are such a turn-off. Wearing a tight shirt would make people think that you are either gay or you are definitely gay. They look like cocky douche bag to me. I only like to see tight shirts on professional athletes.

But if that's what you like to rock and look like Superman, don't let my or anyone's opinion stop you from wearing what you like. Do what you want to do. I can just put my shades on the very next time when I see a man wearing a shirt 2 size smaller than him.




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  2. eh eh tu yan punya la. amik yang mamat baju ketat tu. lol

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  4. tu ah dia, tanak mcm gay plak.ish.

    ish nuha aku tak ley nak tukar link ko. aku rasa kena tukar nama ko jadi panjang sikit, tak ley pakai 'nurul nuha'. bak mai sini nama penuh hang

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  7. oh ok. aku ingt aku je yang mempunyai masalah itu.

  8. Kau mmg ayat tk nk siod gl la pulak an kutuk CR, pffft. Ni msti tk layan bola, ciet. Whtever. Asal dia hot.

    Adam Brody tu mmg la dohhhhhhh SAPE TK SUKA WEHHHH.

  9. hahaha i kutuk dia pasal dia pakai baju ketat!

  10. just so u know, im gonna steal that brody's pic. :D

  11. ooooh I know this one. This one time ada this Iranian boy kot, came sit with us to have lunch, since he was apparently my friend's friend. his shirt wasnt that tight, but everyone knows he should get a bigger size cause it was wayyy to short that I could see his hair just on top of his belt. you know, THE hair that leads to the... uh.. pubic hair. HAHA.

    it was soooo distracting.

    not in a pleasant way, of course.

    btw, Brody is so damn hot. rawwwr!

  12. That must be the worst lunch you ever had eh? Haha. And yes, Some people love to show off their facial hair.. and pubic hair too. lol


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