PXC 250 : The New Gandalf The White

This is my to-do list for this week. I need to kick in my psycho mood and turn off my lazy ass attitude right away.

1. Cover all the previous chapters for every subjects.
2. Complete all the tutorials questions.
3. Hang all the clean laundry in the closet.
4. Iron my jeans for tomorrow class.
5. Visit Ayie at the hospital.
6. Have dinner with Fayadh at Bangi.
7. Meet Sufey this weekend at SOHO.
8. Go to Machine and buy new Sennheiser headphone.

I was so annoyed with iPod earphone, and my old Sennheiser headphone is already messed up. Well I’m a big fan of Sennheiser. I’ve been sticking around with this brand since 2005. At first I was planning to buy the same old model like the one that I’m using, PX 200.

But while I was browsing at sennheiser.com I saw this latest model and I feel in love with it right away.

The PXC 250 headphones cancel out ambient noise in two ways. The comfortable ear pads are the first layer of defense, producing a physical barrier that blocks outside sound. Unlike many other noise-suppressing and noise-canceling models, the PXC 250 headphones fit on top of your ears but do not completely surround them. The other half of the equation is the NoiseGard electronic noise-canceling technology that actively eliminates ambient sound. The PXC 250 headphones are most effective at reducing low-frequency noises such as aircraft engines and highway rumble.

I like the white one the most. Price? Sennheiser PXC 250 in white, free delivery at RM 776.15.

After seeing the price, I think I better stick to the original plan. But this time I want to buy PX 200 in white! Hoyeeah!


  1. boleh i rasa. i gi ngn sufey. i tanya tadi dia kata boleh kot, kereta muat. hehe

  2. tapi aku jenis nak angkut masuk dalam handag, n PX 200 is foldable n bunyik dia sangat ganteng!

  3. oh saya dah tukar link.




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