Postal Blowfish

Wow what a weekend.

I have a new little cousin. Very cute and very-very small. We had 'kenduri doa selamat’ last Saturday for the baby at 'kampung'.

His name is.. Er, I can't remember though. Haha!

I'm bad with names, really.

And then I met my cousin from Johor. I rarely see her but we were very close during our childhood years. We did some catch up and then she thanked me for sending her books as her birthday present.

Well, it’s my Harry Potter books that my mom bought for me. But I never read it. I rather see the movies than reading the oh-so-thick books. So I’ve decided to give the books to her, she was begging for me to give her the books since forever.

I sent the books via Pos Laju, and three days later I called her to check whether she received the book or not. And she said no.

So I thought, maybe the parcel got lost in the mail. So I stopped by my local post office and asked them to track it down. Well it was nothing, but still the books are expensive and I’m a little bit worried at that moment. My mom will kill me if she knew about it.

“Oh, it’s not that simple. Complicated maa..”

The Chinese clerk said to me.

“You have to fill out a mail loss form before we can initiate a search aaa amoi.”

“OK then, I’ll do it. Just give me one of those.”

And then the Chinese clerk rummaged under his counter and then went to some other clerks, who did the same. And then he returned and confessed,

“Amoi, can you please sit down for a while? We can’t find the forms lah.”


At that moment I really don’t know whether to laugh or to be angry at that Chinese man.

Oh well luckily the parcel arrived safely.

But my cousin laughed her ass off last night when I told her about the post office thingy.

Ah, nice meeting her.

Oh and this afternoon, Shah (keyboardist for The Otherside Orchestra) came for lunch. Well he is a friend of my brother. Damn I wish I didn’t wear that stupid 'baju' at that time. Haha. Yup and bed hair too. I just got out of bed and walked straight to downstairs to watch tv and online when he came.


* My 'kampung' is like 7mins from my house. No kidding.


  1. baby tu sangat comeeeeeel awaak!
    haha! btw, jumpa esok :D

  2. woooo berani giler pegang baby kecik. aku cam cuak sket kekadang. doink!

  3. tu la pasal, umor dia baru 4-5 hari kot. aku pegang static oh. aku duduk, tak berani nak berdiri. haha

  4. yan, u nie short term memory la. im thinking,klu baby tue nama melayu pon u ingat-ingat lupa, how come u nak hafal all d formula ye? u kan enginerg student :)

  5. haha formula tu selalu buat latihan so lama2 ingt la =). n formula physics ni bnyk sama je, just ubah2 variable dia je.

  6. 'kg' pon dkt...10 min je...


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