New Thongs For Aghena

It feels good to see my friends again. I miss Yun and Arena soo soo bad!
And we bought a small tiny little surprised for Arena as her birthday gift.

Arena, I wanna see you wearing that thong!

Ah, why am I not in the photos? Too bad, I was thinking about wearing those thongs on my head and put the photo on my blog.

I don’t really wear thong though, but I do have one. Haha. Sufey gave it to me on my birthday but it feels awkward wearing it. It feels nasty, that thing sticking in my butt crack.


So Arena if you don’t want to wear it, you can use it as your hat or something.

Seriuosly, Yan?

Ah, can’t wait to tell Arena about the secret. She is going to scream like Yun did last night. Haha.

* Thanks Yun for the cookies!


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