New Look, Sunburst And Syaza

Ah new layout again. Haha.

I was very inspired yesterday, so why not if I make a new blog layout?


Personally, I really love this new layout. Well, it took me the whole night to design and built this layout. But I’m happy with the result. Simple and neat.

And Syaza, this is your birthday present from me and Maja. You are going to have fun, trust me darling!

Festival organisers Pineapple Concerts have started a Facebook discussion on who fans would like to see at the festival next year and here's a compiled list as of this week (10 - 16 Nov):

1. Jason Mraz
2. Coldplay
3. Paramore
4. Fall Out Boy
5. Foo Fighters
6. John Mayer
7. The Script
8. David Archuleta
9. Katy Perry
10. Radiohead
11. Switchfoot
12. The Killers
13. 30 Seconds to Mars
14. Daft Punk
15. The Ting Tings
16. The Academy Is...
17. Boys Like Girls
18. Jamiroquai
20. Lifehouse

(acts crossed off from the list have already been booked for other shows on dates conflicting with the Sunburst KL event schedule)

Oh of course Maja is not coming with us, but you still got me and Yunni to kick your ass. It will be a blast!



  1. yan!

    u spelled my name wrongly!


  2. haha alamak!!!! sorry awak! ejaan betol macam mana?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. OMG!! Ade John Mayer ngn Jamiroquai???? Shoot man!
    arghhh nk ikuttttt!!!!nak ikut!!

  5. haha tapi the killers tak de.. huaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  6. ::OMG gile best fighters, the script!!! oh my~ fainted

  7. aku bukan tanak ajak, tapi ko da tak de kat malaysia dah masa tu. haha

  8. fara asma aisyah.

    skenye menyibuk kt comment awk!

  9. haha sorry awak!!!!! eh tak pe, haha rajin2 lah melawat lagi ya

  10. hehe.


    awk kne ajr kte sumting.

    add kte kt ym awk tau.

  11. ok sudah di add! redqueen_evil itu ialah saya

  12. inikah post yang digembar-gemburkan? Terima kasih membelanje Syaza yang miskin dan hina ni. huuu.. sayang anda dan Maja juga!!

  13. asal duh ayat ko mcm tu? aku cubit bontot baru tahu!!!!


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