Kami Rock Oh!

Call me ketinggalan zaman, but I just watched KAMI The Movie this evening. Wow that movie is really something. Sumpit!

Ali is so very cute with the messy fluffy hair. Abu is oh-so-comel too, and I cried when he died, twenty minutes after the scene in the car, when the movie was over. Talking about lampi eh?

Seriously, go watch it!

And yes thank god I passed my paper. Yeay! I was freaking out when Shat told me that the result already came out.

I met Nadia Nasran this morning. She texted me around 10am something, asking me whether I want to hang out and catch up during her lunch break at 12pm. So since I have another two hours, I went back to sleep after replying her sms. And then she called me on 11am telling me her class just finished, one hour early. Damn. So there I was lepaking at mamak at 11am without taking a shower. Thanks to the perfume though. We talked for 3 hours non-stop, and I went back to my room with stomach full with Nescafe Ais, Sirap Limau and Barli Ais. Trust me, there was no space left in my stomach for lunch.

Currently designing a new blog for my brother for his t-shirts business.

So, later!!

* 'sumpit' is sumpah and 'lampi' is lambat pickup. MRSM Langkawi's slang. Haha!


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