Change Your Heart

I just can’t understand with some people who are against boycott. I was reading Nazir’s post and he did have points there. People are dying, Muslims are dying. Is it too much to ask for us to do something for people there at Palestine?

You can’t change the world and you can’t stop 100% from buying their products. Things can happen all at once, and little changes can make a huge difference. That's a little bit ... realize that we can do something by changing the way we look at the world.

You can help them by doing something, your way. No matter how little it is. I don’t know, whether you want to stop eating at McD or hanging out at Starbucks. Well it’s the least you can do right? Like hello, you are not going to die if you don’t drink Coca-Cola. Or maybe you can donate your money to help people at Palestine through NST or something.

Face to face you'd say "Lose your faith". But if you stood there in their shoes, you would say "We need love".

People are dying and we need to open our eyes instead of closing the blinds.


  1. kita dah tak makan mcd.
    tapi semalam baru dapat discount card for starbucks! adakah itu cara terbaru untuk attract orang balek? adddoooy!

  2. haha kita last makan McD bulan Nov kot. haha walaupon pon teringin nak makan prosperity burger.

    *telan air liur*

    ramlee burger pon sodap!

    haha kita rasa tu cara Starbucks nak attract customers la mirah. huuhuu

  3. Aku rse cm nk pasarkn Ramly Burger kt psrn NZ. Xpon minuman tongkat ali.

  4. Ouh Ramly burger ke? haha salah eja di situ. haa apa lagi kalau da kaya jual burger kat new zealand balik la malaysia cepat2 pinang aku. ingat, nak tiffany!

  5. yannnn!!! I bought Ipod Touch.. can u help me with Itunes... x reti laaa wei... ko balik campus biler... ehh online laa MSN ada MSN x? heehehe

  6. Yeah, I agree with you. Imagine spending RM30 per month to help the Israel. Try to calculate it for a year. How much?

    Allah promised that Islam will eventually win the war and rule the world, but we have to work for it.

    btw, love your blog. ;D

  7. @hazwan: lol ok. asal oh ngn itunes, download je la n then install

    @aisyah rozi: yes exactly. just take some little
    action as we need all the voices available for our cause to be heard.i believe an effective economic boycott of Israel will bring positive results.


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