Mom's The World!

I’m starting to enjoy my holiday by doing something. Editing my friend’s photos, Mirah's blog and Juon's Myspace, those are what I'm doing to keep myself busy with lately. And I love doing that. Haha, well at least I contributed something other than sleeping and watching tv. I regularly sit in front of my laptop for twelve or more hours a day. I don’t really go out since I am so very frigging broke.

I’ve been hanging out a lot with my mom lately, and I never did that before. She was working before and we were barely spending time together. She was busy with works, you know like meetings, out-station, so it was hard for me to just sit with her and talk. Now since she is already retired, I never get bored of seeing her around the house everyday.

Sometimes when I was younger I wish we could have spent more time together. I used to tune her out the way I tune my radio. My oh my, moms always unloading buckets of advice to us.

“Turn on the lights when you read, or you will ruin your eyes!”

Now I wear glasses. Urm contact lenses.

“Act like a lady!”

Whatever that meant.

But you have got to hand it to them. They certainly know a thing or two.. Or maybe 50.. More than us. We asked a woman who have been through life, about stuff and matters (like they say, old folk’s lagi banyak makan asam garam?). It’s not always easy growing up, and when it isn’t we turn to the wisest, strongest person for advice, mom.

“You are not the only one, so don’t feel intimidated by it.”

I remember when I had my first period, she told me that. And sometimes I feel that, the best advice from my mom has been no advice at all, just listening and a sense of acceptance.

My mom has always told me and my brother not to complain about the thing we can’t have or change, but to instead focus on what we can’t. Despite all the challenge and sorrows that have come my way I don’t despair. I celebrate all that life has offered and continue to grow, and learn.

We should look at our mother as a woman with a life and a past of her own. She’s book you want to know more about. Not only for what it can reveal about her, but also for what it can teach you about yourself.

“Sit like a lady!”

“Act like a lady!”

“Talk like a lady!”

Those are my mom favorite’s lines. Hahaha!


  1. yes! be a LADY! :))

    ''kenapa baca dalam gelap tu?''
    soalan fav mak kite. :P

  2. "jimat letrik mak, nanti boleh kawen cepat sikit" jawab mira

  3. hahahha. yan yan. lawak lar u nie. yes, be a lady. a proper one indeed. heeeeeeee :) then boleh masuk rancangan 'gadis melayu' tv9 tu. pelik2 rancangan Malaysia nie.

  4. haha dah tu i membesar dengan abang, mesti la i ganas sikit.

    oh i tak tengok oh tv, mmg tak tahu pon rancangan2 malaysia ni

  5. Yan kalu ko msk pencarian gadis melayu seriesli I'll promote u. Yeah! Yan ayu ddk brsimpuh smbil lipat kain.

  6. spend time la lame2 selagi boleh yan!
    tp mmg..jenuh dh dgr semua nasihat tu..haih

  7. @juon: aku mana suka lipat kain oh. hahahaha

    @dilos: tu lah layan je dengar dia bercakap. nnti da balik u nnti rindu pulak kat dia


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