A Letter To My Best Friend

Dear Best friend,

I felt guilty, for every friend that you gave up on just to be with me. I felt guilty, for screwing up your life. I know it’s not fair for you, to pay such a huge price for me. And I felt guilty, for making things a lot harder for you. I hope I can do something just to make you feel better. I wish I can fix everything, so that things will be back to normal. The way it was before, just for you. You stood by me for all this time, and I want to be there for you, no matter what happen. I know that you are unhappy right now, and I know somehow it is my fault.

Growing up is scary and losing friends you’ve made is jolting. But I can't outrun time, and everyone has to take the next step. It’s not like I don’t want to make peace with them. I was proud of them before. But the way they acted show me what type of friends they really are.

It hurts, when people who I thought as my friends turn against me, over I don’t know, some post that they can’t manage to deal with. I can’t please everyone, no matter what my stand is. I will never be some stupid clown who fake a smile and acted like everything is A ok. No, things are not ok. I somehow realized that I’m not sorry for losing them. Yes, I know that I’m being selfish, because my decision somehow affected you.

You are my best friend and if there’s one thing I’ve ever been sure of, it’s that. I love you dearly, and I would die if you weren't there for me. I just want to let you know that you are a wonderful person. And I value every moment that I spend with you.

Whenever you feel that the shadows come, and you are feeling lost and lonely like no one cares at all, just look around you because I will always be there. This is for you, my friend whose advice and support never fail to come through for me. I will do the same for you, InsyaAllah.

You don’t have to respond to this, and you don’t even have to read it.




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