If There's A Rocket, Tie Me To It

This post would be the stupidest post I ever made. But who cares anyway?

My result’s sucks.


And I have to re-sit one of my final papers next two weeks. Wish me luck friends. There goes my Nasi Lemak BRJ and watermelon juice. Damn!

Oh I just cut my hair short. I just love head massage (or hair massage?). I feel like sleeping on the chair whiles the girl massaging my head. I was very stressed out yesterday when I got the result, and I just grabbed the car keys and stormed out of house.

Feeling like killing myself by driving the car as fast as I could and hit some coconut tree or something (which I didn’t, thank god). And I think I was kind of freaking out one of my friend when I told him that I wish I was dead. Yup I was THAT upset.

And then I saw a hair salon. Made an emergency U-turn and went to the salon. Not mentioning the engine almost died. Freaking hate manual cars!

“Potong je lah rambut saya ni ikot suka hati. Janji pendek, saya tak kesah!”

Well the hair turned out not so bad lah. Not too short though, but shorter than Gad’s hair for sure. LOL.

OK better start studying now. Bye!

* No worries, I will not commit suicide. It was just a nasty thought inside my malfunctioning brain. And the brain started functioning again after the massage. Maybe there are some logic explanations on how massage can help you to reduce stress. Google it!


  1. hey.. dalam facebook kata nak botak? :p
    chin up yeah.. all the best for the next exam, insyaAllah.

  2. thanks aini! omg i need that so much! macam dah almost gv up on hope, rasa nak kawen je

  3. rambut pendek la trend masa kini.

  4. tu la dia, aku berpuas hati la dengn rambut aku. shampoo pon jimat

  5. oh sweet nye awak ajak saya kawen. saya nak cincin tiffany ok =D

  6. shorter than my hair? haha
    aku pun nk potong rambut jugak la. no need salon2. potong sendiri depan cermin :D

  7. perempuan selalu nye nak potong rambut gi kedai oh, sebab girls hair are rather more complicated bila nak potong. trust me. kat sejam lebih kot mamat tu potong rambut aku

  8. betul ni? yes! eh nak pulak MR. L awak bermadu dengan saya?

  9. Aku ke yg janji nasi lemak brj+melon juice 2? Kuikuikui. Xpela, aku blnje melon juice je. motivate hng sket

  10. juon.. saddle bag aku.. dah tak de stock.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  11. Hahaha. hng kne redha ngn pmergian beg 2. gaga~


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