Do You Know What I'm Seeing?

So I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth before going to bed. Well it was dark though, people are already sleeping. So I do my things as fast as I could and went back to my room. And as I was about to enter the room, suddenly……

I can’t believe my eyes.

Don’t worry people this is not a ghost story.

I can’t believe how messy it is.

My room looks horrible. It looks like a tornado hit it! Books everywhere, clothes and jeans on Yun’s coffee table, handbags all over the floor, total disaster! The only place that is not messy is our study table.



I need to clean this place. My room doesn’t usually get this dirty (yeah, right). In my own defense, the reason the bed is unmade is because I was busy studying for finals. And the reason the sweater is hanging over the bed is because that’s the shirt I wore just now before going to the bathroom.

Exam week doh! Normal lah.

I think I need help on how to keep my room clean. I mean I can clean my room and it will stay clean for about 1 or 2 weeks. Oh well, I will be lucky enough if it was almost 2 weeks. If I could get my room to be clean for about 2 months straight, damn I would be so happy.

So, any idea people?

But I do know that the best way for your room to stay clean is for everything to have a place. Because when it doesn’t, all the stuff will end up, you guessed it, yes on the floor. Don’t let yourself put anything on the floor, that's how it starts.

The floor is the enemy! Hahaha!

Hurm, maybe I should get one of those fancy boxes. Sorry people, I will never show you the photos of the whole room because it is awesomely messy.

* Mirah, kalau awak perasan bag Body Shop merah atas katil tu, awak yang bagi kat kita masa Form 5 dulu. Sampai sekarang kita pakai lagi. Sweet tak kita?


  1. ohhh! awk sgt sweet :D
    kite pon dah tak ingat bag tu taaaau!
    haha. pakai tau waaak! :P
    btw, biasala tu bilik besepah masa exam.
    takpe-takpe, kita dah biasa tgk tmpt awk bersepah :D

  2. haha, kita mmg pakai dari dulu lagi buat bag telekong.

    eh bilik kita kat langkawi kemas ok! bawah katil pon lapang, siap boleh main sorok2 dengan warden

  3. fuuuuuuuuuu.sweeet nyeeeeeeeeeeee..

    *singgah dan berlalu pergi*

  4. ko bukan kalo aku ade je ke bilik ko kemas? dan tak lupa juga almari. Haa! baru sekarang aku tahu nape ko beriya nak swuh aku tido MMU. takkan!!!

  5. alaa, mana ada nak suh ko kemas apa2.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. syaza jahat!

    btw mana awak hilang lama tak online, i rindu la kat u..


    *jeling-jeling manja kenyit-kenyit mata*

  6. bilik kakpiah lg least meja yan cantek kemas je...meja kakpiah..hoh, x lalu tgk...

  7. haha, tang tu je yang cun kak piah oi. yang lain sume sesak nafas kalau tgk =B

  8. yan! chill lar! exam week. tp ur table xde lar teruk! dun try to tell me u r seorang yg kemas? :P

  9. oh yaaa, i mmg seorang yang kemas!

    perasan gila.. i tak de la si pekemas, but tak jugak si penyepah. sedang2 saja. haha


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