Almost Einstein


So finally the lens is with me now. Yes, right next to me. The lens just arrived last Friday, but I only got the opportunity to try it out today. I was busy studying for final, and I just sat for my last paper yesterday morning. Hurm, I hope my result will turn out to be ok. Please pray for me friends!

I never take off the lens before. In fact, I have no idea at all how to do it. Hahaha. It took me quite a minute to figure that out, thanks to Google. After removing the kitlens from the body, I’ve tried to put on the new AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens by myself. And, done!


I’m the freaking Einstein.

I’ve tried to snap a picture but the result was horrible. What the fish. What’s wrong with the new lens? The auto-focus function was not working at all. What the hell. Grrrr.

I’ve tried to remove the lens but it was kind of stucked there.


So I went downstairs, searched for my dad. I asked him what’s wrong with the new lens. My dad was a photographer once, while he was still working with the government. He owns Konica Minolta but I’m not sure what model it is. For having a SLR, he must know how to deal with the lens, right? But hell yeah his camera is such an old, heavy piece of metal.

Being a super-dad, he managed to become a hero. He always did. The lens was wrongly attached, that’s what he said. How genius!

So, here are some of the photos that I took by using the new lens. I still need a lot of practice. I can’t use the lens yet since I need to buy the filter first. I’m so going to ask my dad to buy it for me, since I’m broke. Totally broke.

And Syaza, she hates me for being broke. Yes she is.


Ouh what the heck, who cares about being broke when you got a super cool new lens with you.

*a big hug and a huge kiss for my gay partner*

By the way, the new lens got a name.

Edward Jr.



* Hello kawan-kawan, Yan tak belilah lens tu. Maja bagi hadiah birthday ok! And I'm still broke!

Her name is iMac. Yup. iMac.

Meet the Super Dad


  1. sungguh tipu awk cakap awk broke okaaayy!
    kaya gilaaaa sampai boleh beli lens mahal gilaaaaa :)
    kena tangakap gambar kitaaa :P

  2. ayah yan ke tu??

  3. aku first tym nampak bapak ko nie..

  4. Yan, aku rse ko ikot lorong mok. Abg ko yg ikot lorong ayoh.

  5. wow bilakah yanto yg broke ini membeli lens?ini sangat tidak broke!hahah

    aplikasi bokeh babeh!kekeke

  6. @faiz; bokeh tu apa oh?
    @mirah; sumpah tengah pokai oh!

  7. @maja: ko bukan da dua kali ke datang rumah aku?
    @dilos: haha mana ada beli oh tu lens maja bagi
    @syaza: asal ko membenci aku. ko pon tahu tu lens maja bagi, mana ada yan beli


  8. Nice pics! aku ada gak lens ni. Lens yang berbaloi, tapi tak auto focus kat kamera aku. haha. Jari-jari aku dah jadi engine-focusing. Nak upgrade kamera pulak agak kurang wang. Hehe.

    BTW, Hi!

  9. Hey hairi!!! ouh tu lah mine auto-focus! loving it! my fav lens so far =)

  10. aku rasa aku gie rumah ko pnah nampak mak ko jer kot..

  11. tak duh, ko ngn bob dengan tak malu nye pergi sekolah mak aku mintak duet nak isik minyak dengan makan KFC. lol


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