New Year! Urmm.. Here’s The Things I Wanna Do .

1. I will try to exercise.

Fuh.. I can’t remember when the last time I put on my sports shoes was. I want to lose 10 kilos by June! I should try to tone up my tights and arms so I can fit into size 6! Err.. Is that possible? (Did I mention that I’m in size 8 now?).

2. I will get enough sleep.

I think by getting at least nine hours of shut-eye at night will help my grades. I usually stay up until 4am in the morning, and sometimes until 7am in the morning (I know it’s not healthy). I will end up sleeping until 2pm, or for the whole day. Well it’s ok to do that during holiday, but during school days? You know what will happen next. Haha.

At Taman Rama-Rama

3. I won’t hold grudges, and I will not be angry at anyone this year.

Well it’s not nice right? Plus, people who bottle up angers can suffer from depression and stomachaches. Maybe I should use my angry energy and go for a run, or punch a cushion. Or perhaps write a poem, or letter about how I feel. I’m going to keep a positive attitude and let go of the situations I can’t control. I will try to reflect on situations that upset me and think of ways on how I may be able to deal with it positively.

4. I want to make a real prank phone call.

I can never do it, because I laugh. I tried once, but I laughed my ass off! Just once I want to do that, and follow the joke through to the end without laughing. Watch out friends!

5. I want to put a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea.

Sound fun eh? Next time when I’m going to the beach, I’m so going to do that! Perhaps someone is going to pick the bottle and reply back to me. Haha, so romantic!

6. I want to learn how to play the drums.

I think it’s really cool to see a female drummer. Like the one in the White Stripes. I can’t remember her name. Megan something?

7. I want to take a vacation alone.

When I’m travelling, I always go with someone. I would like to go somewhere alone to find myself. I will take time for myself, you know to learn to appreciate myself. Yet the idea of having no one there, no safety net, still frightens me. Plus my parents would never let me do that. Sigh.

8. I want to build a snowman.

What can I say, I live in Malaysia. Damn you Maja! I’m so going to Moscow someday, perhaps on your graduation day. Gagaga!

Ni Emkay buatkan kat Russia.
Haha. Sweet gila.

9. I will spend more time with my family.

As I grow up, I feel such a distance between me and my family, especially with my big brother. He is busy with his work and I’m busy with my classes. We used to be so close. I remember when my mom asked me to sleep alone in my own room because I am big enough to do that, I cried and hugged my brother because I don’t want to sleep alone. I was afraid of the dark. So he waited until I felt asleep before leaving me and went to sleep at his room. But soon after that, my mom took over his place. She did that until I was at standard 6. Haha.

And I remember when I was at standard 1, my brother accompany me to school every day for months (he was at high school and his class started at evening, while mine started at morning). So to kill his time when I was at class, he worked at the school’s book store. He is such a sweet brother, I love having him around me.

I love him more than everything!

10. I want to get Mr. Saddle.

Oh yes! I’m so going to get that saddle bag! I still got 4 months before Pak Wan going back from US.I hope I will have enough money by that time. Amin!

Happy New Year People!


  1. aku x pnah buat snowman.. sepak snowman pernah r..

  2. aku nak buat duh! tapi si emkay kata dia tulis nama aku tu pon rasa macam nak beku tangan

  3. sweetnye emkay!haha
    yan!x sabar nk tgk awak pakai mr saddle tu nanti..haha

  4. kalau berduet dilos..kalau berduet..gaga


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