My Idea Of The Perfect Handbag

LV Mahina XL in Griss Elephant

LV Mahina XL in Black

  • Soft and supple calf leather
  • Name is inspired by the crescents and phases of the moon; in Polynesian culture, Mahina is a lunar deity
  • Leather is drummed softly to pull up the grain; skins are then coated to preserve their beauty
  • Meticulous and precise perforated monogram pattern
  • Shiny golden brass hardware
  • Rolled leather handles with link attachments
  • Buckled bands at each side create subtle gathers and adjust bag capacity
  • Open top with banded push-lock closure
  • Microfiber lining
  • Interior leather-trimmed zip pocket and D-ring
  • Protective metal feet
  • 29.5"x 12.6"x 9.8"

PRICE $3360.00

I love the one in Griss Elephant. Anybody wanna buy it for me?
Haha I guess not.


  1. hurm.. cantik harga dia kan..

  2. boleh tak tulis kat essay mara nak loan supaya dapat beli bag LV?

  3. kalau awk nak belikan utk pon kite terima juga :D
    jgn lupe date kite :P

  4. kalau kita kaya pon kita tanak belikan untuk awak.mana boleh bag sama! haha, kita bg awak yang marc's faridah hobo tu la


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