The MARA Essay

I was working on my MARA loan essay last night, but I had no idea where to start. However, with a help from Alif Imran, Amirah Zayanah, Dilos, and Yunni (they sent me their old MARA essay), I finally managed to finish my essay right on time. Thanks to them!

So after finishing my essay, I sent a copy to Maja so that he can read it and do some correction. My grammar sucks so I need someone with better English to check it for me.

Maja: LOL

Yan: jangan la gelak

Yan: fak laaa

Yan: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Maja: Since my childhood day, I have always dreamt of becoming an engineer. I have always wondered on how things work.

Maja: Yan

Maja: perenggan kedua

Maja: 3 ayat terakhir perlu pembetulan

Yan: yang ayat kat atas tu ke?

Maja: bukan

Maja: ayat yang atas tu buat aku gelak jer

Maja: hahaha

Yan: ......

"Since my childhood day, I have always dreamt of becoming an engineer. I have always wondered on how things work."

Hahaha! I knew exactly why he was laughing at me. I never wanted to be an engineer.Those sentences was not mine, I just took it from one of my friend’s essay.

I still have no idea whether engineering is my passion or not. I chose engineering after my childhood plan to become a dentist had failed. I had the chance, but I blew it twice. MRSM Langkawi and PASUM were the tickets, but I just took it for granted.

When I graduated from MRSM Langkawi in 2005, I was pretty sure that I’m going to further my study in dentistry. SPM wasn't that good (6A's 4B's), so I went to Kolej Matrikulasi Gopeng. However, I was there for only two weeks until I was accepted to Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya (PASUM). Entering PASUM was perhaps the biggest mistake in my life. I was distracted and the result did not meet the minimum requirements to proceed in medical field at any IPTA.

Honestly I don’t know how to describe my feeling at that moment. I don’t have any backup plan. Following my passions and living my life on my terms is the only way I know to live. So with a help of my dad’s friend, I managed to attend the interview at Cyberjaya Medical College. After attending the interview, I freaked out. Hahaha. Thinking about the fees, I just don’t want to burden my dad. RM250k is a very lot of money. I was accepted to the college, but I turned down the offer.

After Google-ing through the web, I was like 'Hey, engineering wasn't bad at all!' So, here I am now, doing Nanotechnology Engineering at MMU.

For me, and I guess for many others, life is a constant battle between following your passion and being practical. I fought 'Practicality' a long time ago, and followed my passions, but never quite completely, for the world will not completely allow it.

The thoughts of passions turning into practicalities tickle me, its inspire me. From where I stand now, looks like it doesn’t matter. What matters is the joy and excitement I have, even after practicalities have killed passions.

MRSM Langkawi: With Matturs

I just love to sleep in lecture hall

PASUM: My group mate

MMU: With MMU friends at Mid Valley


  1. hahaha..OMG yan! maja gelak?
    that sentence sounds familiar...ngeh ngeh ngeh..=D

    anyway yan,hope everything went for now,short term plan yan nak loan mara kan kan?so lupekan kejap pasal either engineering is ur passion or not..hehe..

    go break a leg Yan!! yeahh!

    "You are successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile good." -Charles Carlson

  2. kene buat essay ye mara? waa.. good luck good luck..

  3. dilos: haha maja mmg kurang asam sikit dilos..tapi kita suka la essay awak! kita amik ayat awak sikit, ayat alip sikit, ayat mirah banyk! tapi sumpah ramai gila yang terlibat dengn essay kita ni..

    aini: haah mara kena buat essay! soobss

  4. yeaahh!
    itu ayat saya yang semamangangnya penuh dengan lakonan jugaa :D
    pape pon, we have to strive for the best.dont think bout the past! :D

  5. ada satu perenggan essay awak tu,kita copy habis2 la point dia..ubah sikit2 je ayat..haha kita sayang korang!


  6. yan! always u mention mat thurs! made me rindu lar him :(


  7. Yeah. I've always wanted to be an engineer.

    Owh, terdampar di hujung dunia bwt acc. ngaaahahaha

  8. hahaha pon rindu dia!

    ala juon jgn bersedih,kambing2 bebiri itu akang menemani kamu

  9. haha.. yan i sokong part pasum tuh!

  10. haha..kita kan sehati sejiwa meronggeng di pasum dulu

  11. tau x pe!! salahkan mid!!!

  12. yah salah kan mid dan saga buruk i!!!

  13. Lol. Looks like we're in the same boat. I have no idea on how to start my essay. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! :)


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