I'm Tired Of This Smile (Re-Post)

There is a war in all the heads, and there is a war in mine as well. It is hard to let it go, and nobody will ever understand it.

Somehow if I could explain it any better, I am pretty sure I would. I thought I am good with words, but the truth is I never been well with it. Right now I feel like I want to be in somewhere else, some place where trees speak louder than the people. A cold wind is always better than a cold voice.

Witty people without hearts have always had a lead on me. I don’t want them to shower me with words made of knives. I am not strong enough for all the voices, I am not strong enough to face those people, but yes sure I am a good pretender. It is hard, for god sake it is but I am stronger for it.

I don't know whether they can see all the changes that have come over me in these last few days. I have been afraid that I might drift away.

That made me think about where I came from and that's the reason why I feel so far away today.

Seriously, you are making me sick. Some people just don’t worth the respect. So I don’t bother anymore.

I think people has been sucking up your ass before, so let me be the bitch now.

Maybe you should grow up and act like your own age.


  1. Cooool....coool....coooool!
    CHill out.

    Take your time and foret all those things. Nanti menyemakkan kepala lagi ada ler, ye tak?

    *Main layang-layang pun bagus untuk lepaskan tension... :)

  2. haha i'm cool now..buang masa je pikir pasal mende2 ni =D

  3. girls fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kenapa?kenapa?kenapakah?
    chill yanto! =D

  5. haha nnti kita gossip kat ym yah dilos
    juicy story

  6. haha, let the bitch remain unknown la Kamal. Not worth it pon kalau tahu, kan?

  7. xde gunanya gadoh kat cni..blogger xde life doe.
    winning apenye klu asyik2 nak berdalih je.talam dua muka

  8. blogger tak de life ke? well hurm terpulang kepada individu untuk memilih


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