High Waisted Jeans. Yay or Nay?

People seem to be scared about wearing high waisted jeans, it was the same when people first started wearing skinny jeans. Unless you're a size 8, such trends can be difficult to wear, although not impossible.

The main complaints that I hear about high waisted jeans is that they make your look larger and fatter. They even call it as a ‘mom jeans’. Hey, that is so not true! You can look good and NOT like mom jeans if you take the time to try them on and find a pair that fits and flatters. Plus, I think the high waist does make you have a better posture and are generally more flattering for your stomach as you avoid a ‘muffin-top’.

I’m in love with high waisted wide legged jeans, it looks kind of comfortable (and vintage too!). High waisted wide legged jeans can balance curves and elongate women’s curves and hide flaws. High waisted taper legged jeans are the dreaded soccer mom jeans, which only make your hips wider.

I say wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. Some looks aren’t going to suite another’s style, that’s the great thing about being able to wear what you want, as long as you aren’t walking the streets naked. Hahaha. That’s one trend I wouldn’t succumb to.

Well I'm going to get mine, soon! Hahaha.

I'm in love with her jeans

I love high waisted skinny jeans,
but not colored jeans.

This is just perfect!

Let's get high.


  1. Aku rse kalu perot hang x buncit ok kot pkai jeans ni. tp kte tgk je la esok cmne

  2. Syaza, adakah Juon cuba cakap aku ni buncit?

  3. Aku rasa tu lah niat dia dalam cara yang terhalus dan tersopan.

  4. esok aku nak pinjam vios ko kejap, nak langgar bontot juon. boleh?

  5. Wahaha. bak datang la Vios. pakai proton da la. :P

  6. ah samalah. haha, i membesar naik basikal, mana kenal brand2 keta ni.

  7. i like the wide legged ones. but the thing about high waisted jeans is that it is extremely hard to get the perfect fit!


  8. tu la!!! i suke yang wide legged tu! i da suh zatey bawak jihan esok, nak minta tolong pilihkan untuk

  9. dimana nak dapatkan jeans perempuan macam katie holmes 2? ade sesape tahu.


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