A Hand To Hold

I was studying for my upcoming midterm exam tonight. But there's a thing that keep on bugging me off for weeks. I feel such a weight on my shoulder, and I need to let it out.
I need to share it with you guys, so that we can learn.

This thing keeps on coming back to me, and somehow I feel slightly guilty about it.

It was weeks ago, when I was on the bus, on my way from Putrajaya to KL Central. The bus was packed as usual, but I was lucky to get a seat near the window.

When the bus was about to move, I saw old Malay man trying to stop the bus by knocking his stick on the door, a blind old man. He was struggling, trying to climb up the bus with his hand full with his plastic bags. No one was trying to help, they just stared. I wanted to help him, but instead I just watched him from far. He managed to get in the bus by himself. I saw his face and he was smiling, and thanked the driver.

Somewhere deep down inside of me, I wanted to offer him my seat. Unfortunately I was stucked and the bus was too packed. So I just watched him again, praying that there will be someone with big heart to give up the seat and give it to the old man. But no, nothing happened as the man was invincible.

Suddenly, one Indonesian guy wearing faded t-shirt with messy hair and torn jeans stood up, reached for the man hand and offered his seat to the old man. I was shocked. I felt like someone just slapped me in my face, so hard. I was ashamed. How our own people don’t give a shit about the old man, but the Indonesian guy did? What are we? Are we human? And I was asking myself again and again, am I a selfish person? Do I care about others who are less fortunate?

Somehow, I think there are still people who care. I remember there was a day I went out with my friend. We were walking from KL Central to Kuala Lumpur Monorail Station. When we were about to cross the road, my friend touched my hand and he whispered in my ear, “Yan, I think you should help her cross the road”. He was pointing to blind woman next to me, trying to cross the road. I was speechless and surprised. I never helped any blind people crossing a road before. But yes, I did help her. I’m so glad I was.

I was amused by him and the Indonesian guy actually, such a nice person they are. The world will be a better place to live if there are more people like them. I never thought of doing it before, but I will now. I will give up my seat to disabled people and I will help blind people crossing the road.

Maybe you should too.


  1. tapi.. awak orang indonesia..

  2. Haha u r missing the point here Maja.
    Yes I am biologically Indonesian, Well half Indonesian actually, but warganegara Malaysia la tak?

    Awak je yang pure Indon =P

  3. bila masa maja indon?
    indo are nice people eyyy..ahahahahaha..okay jgn comment further.

  4. haha tanye la maja
    btw i'm not saying indonesions are bad
    kang bapak aku kerja guna penyapu kang kalo dia dengar

  5. heeee..indos are sweet then..like ur dad n i mean it in a good way.ahahaha :P

  6. haha yan tahu yan sweet
    thanks syaza =)
    btw lain kali tolong taw orang seberang jalan
    kalau ada lelaki2 comel yang nak yang pimpinkan tangan ketika menyeberangi jalan, yan tade masalah

  7. hahahah. mcm2 maja n syaza ni. tp seriously if i were you kan, i would feel the same thing!!! u mesti mcm berbelah bagi nak tolong ke x. tp ikur keadaan dlm bus, it's like so pack xkan nak jerit kot. nnt org pk gila. huaaaaaa. dun worry, u r not that bad. at least u ada rasa kesian u tu. forget about the indon part lar. haha ..


  8. haha
    akhirnya ada jugak orang yang faham dngn mesej yang i cuba nak sampaikan..

    maja n syaza! contohi zatey okeng!

    yes zatey i rasa guilty and kadang2 sebak jugak bila pikirkan balik. but i will never refused nak g shopping mcm u..haha..

  9. yan!! bagus! lepas ni,tolong org buta selalu k..redeem balik perasaan bersalah untuk pak cik tu sorg,kat org2 buta lain..hehe

    aku pon penah tolong suami isteri buta lintas jalan,time tu kat pasar seni.. couple ni nak gi brickfields.teksi sume tak nak hantar couple ni sebb nanti dorg kene u-turn balik. then tau tak makcik tu ckp pe? "kami ni buta,takkan u-turn sket pon x boleh?cube kalau mak awak yg buta camni,org buat kat die mcm ape yg awak buat sekarang" dush dush doink doink..amek ko...hahaha

  10. pemandu taxi sekarang ni sangt menyampahkan duh..diorng pikir duet je..da l ikot sedap drng nak pakai meter ke tak..bleerghhh!

  11. yan sgt sweet!! good for you girl...bgs2...jd la warga malaysia yang prihatin...tp x yah la kte tgu org buta je..btol x? kalo nmpk org tua ke, yang gaya cm nk jln pon x larat, bwk brg bnyk ke...kte ptot tlg gak...
    keep up thw good work ppl..im so proud of u! muah!

  12. lelaki comel pon boleh je kalo nak yan pimpin kan

    thanks timah!!!!!

  13. Your idea of good deeds is very simple lah.
    Good deeds:Give seats to the needy and help blind folks to cross the road.
    Though is it simple as ABC one two three, but seriously that is quite an unorthodox way of thinking.
    If only everyone thinks as simple as you are.
    Keep up kiddo!

  14. hye diatas, tertanye2 siapa gerangan kamu


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