Darl, I Will See You On Sunday

I haven’t seen her since past few months.

Ever since I heard about the news, I was so scared to see her.

Wondering how should I act around her?

What should I say to her?

Do I need to bring her something?

Maybe a bucket of fruits of bouquet of flowers would be nice.

But, I did read her blog, and she can’t eat something with Vitamin-C.

Well maybe I was wrong.

And then one of my friends asked me to visit her with him.

And I was like,

“I’m scared. Do you think its ok for us to visit her?”

He was scared too.

Later one night he texted me, and that was the night that I will never ever forget.

I was sleeping when I received the SMS.

But when I was about to open the SMS, Syaza called.

I was trembling when Syaza’s voice entered my ear.

I hung up and then I opened my inbox and began to read the SMS from him.

“Just thought you should know.. Sara just passed away.. There might be a funeral tomorrow at 9..I’ll let you know if there’s any changes” –Ajib.

I was shocked, unable to think.

And then I received another SMS.

“I heard that Sara just passed away” –Asip.

I opened up the previous SMS that I have received when I was sleeping.

“Yan, Sara dah passed away” –Nadia Sheikh Hatim.

I walked down stairs and stared at my mom.

She asked me what happened.

And then I cried.

My phone was ringing all the time. Zatey called, Yazira called from UK.

I was crying over the phone.


I am sorry for not being there.

I was so afraid to meet you.

I don’t know what I was thinking but I wish I can turn back the time.

But I can’t.

I will see you on Sunday.




  1. Kirim slm ke arwah eyh? (boeh ke?).

    Sorry can't join u all.

  2. i had this goosebumps reading this post..the same one when i got the chance to kiss arwah on her funeral day...

    al-fatihah untuk Arwah Sara..

  3. dilos dapat kiss? aku ade presentation pagi tu. sangat tertekan. T__T
    mari ahad ni ye.

  4. yeahh insyaAllah.
    ahad pagi-pagi ye? :)

  5. i was about to cry when i was writing this post
    yes insyallah ahad ni =)

  6. tlg wakilkn ye? thnx korg


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