Telling It Like It Is

Sex education couldn't be more fun than SERIOUSLY!!

Ok here's the thing, I was sick of Circuit Theory last Sunday so I was like kinda downloading some good things to watch (since there is no television in my room). While scrolling down I saw MTV Europe Music Award, so I was like "OMG this is totally AWESOME!!".

So I've waited like 3secs for the file to be downloaded (HEHE..sumpah internet MMU CYBER laju nak mati)..Hosted by Katy Perry, the show was kinda boring at the beginning but as soon as I saw Jared Letto on the screen, I couldn't help but stare at him! He is sooo frigging HOWT! GAGA!

The performance was great especially The Killers and Pink.It's was phenomenal tho..There was also The Tings Tings, Kanye West, Beyonce, Take That and many more..

But that was not the reason I'm writing this..It was the lil tiny green frog and his gang that really made the show very..urm unique..

In between the awards and the performances, there was adverts promoting safe sex, encouraging people to use condoms.MTV and SpinVox team up to talk about sex secrets, one night stands and condoms.

The infomercials, fronted by potty-mouthed puppets Lapeno, Mervin and Ed managed to make it so damn funny and interesting. There were like 4 or 5 adverts and I looove all of it! You guys can check it out at MTV Europe Music Award

I have such a major crush on LapeƱo


  1. 3secs?
    meh pinjam sket tenet sket.

  2. 3 sec?
    gila barbie laju.
    patut ah tempat lain slow, mmu cyber curi semua. pastu dok torrent plak haha

  3. tu la dia
    download speed kat torrent 10.mbps tu kira biasa la tu

  4. selamat dtg ke dunia blogging. :D

    zati halim

  5. zatey u ada blog!
    kenapa i tak boleh view ur page?


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