My New Fashionable SLR Bag =]

My D80 is big and heavy, so I always end up carrying two bags.I've been searching for a nice bag that I can put my SLR for months. Somehow I don't want a huge blocky traditional one, just one big enough for my SLR, a lens or two (not that I have one..Haha), and perhaps other things like wallet, keys, iPod, cellphone, etc. I hate to carry my handbag and my camera bag at the same time.

I've been looking at the camera bags but they all look like a CAMERA bags. I just want a shoulder bag or something of that easy-to-carry nature. And I would love the bag to be stylish and fashionable too. I don't want the type of bag that scream, "LOOK PEOPLE! I'M A CAMERA BAG!!". I'm not a photographer, I just love taking pictures.

My old SLR bag: Bagman CA05-A01S

The bag is small so its hard to
squeeze in my purse and other stuff

So today, I found the right bag! Well its not exactly a camera bag, but still you can use it as one. The bag itself its not heavy unlike my other Guess handbag. It is very important for me since the SLR is already heavy. The bag has two compartments, so I can divide my SLR and other stuff. One for SLR and the other one for my personal stuff. Plus, the bag look sleek and freaking stylish too! Maybe I should add up some padding later.

The bag comes in three colors:Black, Brown and Rasberry.
My friends suggested me to take the one in Rasberry

Spacious =]


  1. aaaaaa....bapee rat nieeeee?benciiii...!

  2. haha bukan sales item pon so ko tak payah la tahu harga dia

  3. ur slr bag is a guess? *drool*
    good for u girl =)

  4. nice bag..

    i think Lowepro is the best bag for cameras and it's equips..

  5. ouh tu la i've heard about it too but setakat ni tak pernah jumpa lagi la..kat kedai selalu jumpa crumpler and bagman


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