Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Yesterday supposed to be my day out with my mother. By saying a day out wit my mother , I was referring to shopping spree. Amirah told me about the designer sales at Park Royal. Since my friends were pokai, so I had to ask my mom to go there with me.

We left home early because my mom refused to waste her time Q-ing at the entrance. We arrived there at 1030am and thank god we don't really had to Q. The hall was too packed and I can't stand it. So I left my mom (she said it was OK and she will see me at Pavillion later) there and I went to Pavillion to meet Yunni, Wiena and Farah.

We had lunch at Pastamania. We also had some extreme window shopping together (we act went in to Coach, Juicy Couture, Burberry, Marc Jacobs , Club Monaco and other high fashion boutiques with no reasons at all).
I don't really buy anything much except a really nice silk top at Naf Naf (30% off) and a uptown shopper bag at Guess (thanks to farah, I got 10% off).

Well the bad new is, Abang Comel Berambut Cantik that we used to stalked at Pull and Bear is no longer working there. Damn! I knew that we shouldn't followed him at KLCC the last time we saw him. He must be freaked out and quit his job. Yunni, we need to find our new victim as soon as possible!

Farah and Wiena

I'm so kissable

Farah, Yunni, Me, Wiena


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