Fly FM Birthday Bash at One Utama

The coolest local English radio joint came alive last Sunday as mod Indie kids and party animals stormed Bandar Utama's Central Park.

Celebrating Fly FM's third birthday wasn't going to be a tame affair, so only the tightest and the fly-est acts were on board to keep the crowd moving. The scene was a riot (a safe one, alright?) what with kids dancing on the street, and adults dancing on the street too (!), celebs of the urban variety litered everywhere and Fly's happening cast of DJ's spinning on the stage.

Started off with doubts as it was cold and rainy. Well we arrived a lil bit late due to the guys who took forever to groom. And then nak cari parking lagi.

Yeah jumpa parking kosong!

It was kind of annoying looking at the high school teenagers (or maybe budak-budak sekolah rendah) bersepah-sepah and berterabur at the park. With weird sense of style and weird hair! OMG sumpah sakit mata.Thankfully, some of the local bands (Bittersweet, Meet Uncle Hussain, etc) managed to pump up the atmosphere and get the crowd wild.

People were dancing and screaming

The fireworks were awesome and beautiful. I was wondering why the fireworks started so early, around 1030pm something. It was birthday bash after all. Shouldnt the fireworks show started at 12am? Hurmmm.

Beautiful eh? Love the first picture!

After the live performances ended, the DJ's started to play some techno songs. Party animal started to dancing and shuffle-ing.The music was too loud and the scenery was too crazy.

Erghh..Dancing like a monkey.

Me and Yunni decided to leave when the crowd in front started behaving like monkeys in heat, jumping and bonking other males of their kind. Thankfully it was near the end of the show and we were starving our guts out.

Even Shafiq cant stand the smell of the monkeys.

from left:Fize's friend, Fize, Hazwan and Amirul

After the show's ended, we left the place and headed to Rasta for dinner and shisha. Ouh! We took another 30mins to find Amirul's car. HAHA! Macam mana ntah boleh lupa!

Yunni: OMG he just left us here!!!!
Yan: possing2 si Shafiq tengah tangkap gambar tu

In my opinion, shisha at Rasta is better than the one at Hartamas Square. Hurm apa-apa pon shisha kat Cyberia jugak la yang terbaik!

Shisha! Finally!

Amirul and Yunni;both were high on shisha..LOL.

Me and Yunni went back to Cyberjaya around 5am. Thanks Amirul and Shafiq for sending us home.We loove you long time! We both were so damn tired, but we had fun!

HEHE..Nice shades!


  1. shisha kat square mmg tak sedap langsung.

    nak betul sedap pegi dekat pintu belakang uitm shah alam.

    seksyen 7 sana ada kedai nama burger bundle, abang adi (brader yg dulu buat shisha kat don) pindah sana bukak bisnes sendiri.

    shisha dia mmg sedap, but mungkin pilihan flavor tak bnyk cos dia agak baru bukak kat shah alam tu.

    harga pun berpatutan.

    silalah mencuba.

    tak menyesal punya.

  2. btw aku tak pernah try yang kat rasta punya.

  3. kat rasta tu ok la not bad, shisha dia keras..
    tapi aku suka lagi kat cyberia (sebelah mmu) sebab flavour dia kuat


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