Chop Chop

Ouh GOD!

I hate MMU sooooo much I wanna drop a huge bomb on it! I was watching Chuck when suddenly the the lights go out and the fan is dead..

Me : Nooooooo,not again!!! WADAFAK!!!
Yunni : Haha sengal tak payah la buat muka sampai macam tu..
Me : Panas kotttt!!!

Guess we're back to the electricity going every four-five days yet again..
Fuuuh now I'm sweating like a pig, ouh yes and the water at hostel is soo gross, air dia sumpah berkarat-karat..

Ouh well the only reason why I'm still here is just because the super fast internet connection..Click on the image for larger view.

Download speed almost reached 11mbps!!!

And I kinda like my room even more now since my other roommate just moved out yesterday (nothing to do with me or Yunni, we are such a good and nice and sweet girl..LOL). So we have more spaces to put our stuff..
You know, like shoes (lots of it). And now I have two study table..

Even though the room is totally ours now, but I still gonna miss Ila..And her delicious Mark And Spencer foods =(

She was such a good roommate..Ouh yaa, Ila ni sepupu Naqib..Haha mesti Naqib ingat we bullied her sampai dia moved out..

Weeeeeeeeee dah ada electric balik!! =)))))