Latest Buy: Aldo.

8:14 AM

Aldo Baldos

Aldo Kimberl

Aldo Blatnick

I know I’m being greedy but I just NEED to have all those three.

I can’t make up my mind on which one I should buy, and ended up buying three of it. Well it’s been almost two years since the last time I bought myself a nice shoes, I think I deserved to have all those three pairs.

Ahh I can’t wait to wear it to class!

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  1. yann!!! the first two are the same!!! why not get something else??? and how's the price like for aldo sandals in msia? i pun nak beli la. eheh.

  2. oh kat malaysia mahal for the flip flop je dalam rm170. flat tu mybe arnd rm200++. tu i kirim kat jye. dia beli kat US. =) beza sampai rm70/rm80 ok! jye dah beli, dia balik 2nd june ni. weee~