Black Or Brown

1:37 PM

I feel great! Just great! My dad just made my day. Sayang abah! And I can’t wait to burn my money at the mall this weekend. New shoes! I feel like buying the gladiator flat I saw at Nine West. But yeah we’ll see about that later. I’m a sucker for shoes! And handbags! Yes maybe I need a new handbag too. And new top sounds good. What can I say, girls love to shop.

I can’t decide which color to buy. I love the brown one, but the black one is easy to match with everything. Please, help me to choose. Pick one!

See. I am that happy now. The I’m-having-PMS-now days are over. Plus I already submitted two assignments this week, so I feel lighten up a little bit. And yes I have another two more assignments to go. But one of it is 80% done and the other one, let just say my Cyprus friend offered the solution to me. But I already answered some of the questions, and the rest I’m just going to ask my friends for the solutions. I love Mike!

Oh damn I have Machine and Power System at 230pm. Skipped that class since 2 weeks ago. I mean, I only skipped the Friday class lah. I’m not that lazy. The lecturer already finished all the chapters for Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques, one month earlier. And next week will be the last class for Islamic Studies. So guess what, I only have two classes in one month before finals.

Ok I need to hit the shower now. I have to pay the fees today or my dad is going to kick my cute butt. Oh yes, and room hunting again.


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  1. ha? u don't have PMS anymore? is that a norm? ;p

    the stuff, that's hot. shopping kt ne? jom. ;)

  2. @nuha and aini brown cantik kan! weeeee!

    @azfarul oh nine west kena gi pav la sayang oi. i rasa klcc tak de

  3. oh ramai nye suka brown! u kat aussie kan? kat sana mesti murah kan nini west =(

  4. brown please. :D

    brown can match with everything too. dont think nak match sgt. :D

  5. same jek? sarong kt kaki, sape nk tgok?

  6. brown...!!!
    sme ngn kulit jek yan oii..
    lawa jek..
    still can match with anything...

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  8. @zati yeah i think brown la kot. iA kalau ada

    @adil ah lelaki apa taw??

    @weenerism haha. hitam tu mcm serius sangat kan? yeah i think i'll go for brown =)

  9. beli kasut ni sebab nak pakai selalu. so nak yang senang matching dengan bag

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  11. yan, beli brown. ignore adil. dia mengarut.

  12. haha ok weeknd ni i try cari. takut dah tak de je

  13. brown please!
    tp betullah yan!kat sini murah giler kasut camtu...awak mesti pusing kepala punye nanti

  14. ye ke? tu la seyra kata sana nine west murah. waaaa jeles jeles