To Dilos And Nazir

6:49 PM

Have you ever written a goodbye SMS to your friend until you didn’t realize your tears flowing to your cheek? Only to realize it when you felt the warm on your face? There is something we just cannot control no matter how you try to hide it.

Nah, it just me. I cried all the time. I cried when I’m happy, I cried when I’m laughing and I cried when I’m sad.

Hey, I’m not crying though. I’m just saying. I can easily get emotionally attached to my friends.

So, this post is dedicated to my wonderful friends, who are bidding us all a good bye and leaving for Melbourne tonight to pursue their dreams. May god bless you both and I hope both of you will take all the wonderful memories of all of us, which would stand by you forever!

I feel that we all are going to miss you guys. I’m not so close with Dilos and Nazir and during high-school years, but lately I feel really close to them, in the way that I can’t explain. Maybe the fact that they were there, giving me advises and support when my world turned upside down last two months.

I’m sure that a wonderful life awaits there. Wish you guys all the luck and loads and loads of love. Looks like you guys are going to have a BLAST there.


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  1. awwww...ur so sweet yan....jgn nangis da ok? muah!!

  2. heee.
    kite pegi nanti pon awk jgn nanges okaaY!
    dtg la sydney :))

  3. laa kan da tulis tu, kita tak nangis. haha

  4. ::waaa, terharu~!!
    ::dtg melbourne calling2 la ye. sini ipod sume murah~~ weeee

  5. amboi melbourne dengan kl memng dekat kan? haha

  6. Cepatnye hng online Nazri. Btw bon voyage. sorry sgt2 xdpt hntr

  7. apa ni juon, baru fly sehari ko dah lupa nama dia. haha

  8. haha. aku pening2 dan sakit lutut owh. so tersilap taip

  9. kau rayau gi mana oh ngn jenol? ni yang tacing ni

  10. hehe. nti kte kuar aku cite. ckp la bile psl rabu dpn aku dh blk. dh xde bnyk mse ni